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Dog Grooming in Virginia Beach, VA

While proper hygiene is essential to the care of every pet, many dogs find the grooming and cleaning process unpleasant. If you find it difficult to fit regular grooming into your schedule or if you find the process simply too challenging to complete at home, look to the help of Hunt Club Boarding Kennel & Cattery. We offer exceptional dog grooming in Virginia Beach, VA, that is sure to keep your precious pet clean, fresh, and healthy all year round!

Whether you are interested in getting your dog a short new do for the summer or you want your dog to look its best when family and friends come to visit, you can count on our team of reputable groomers.

Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming!

While you likely wash your dog at home from time to time, you may not be providing all of the grooming they need to remain in the best health possible. There are a number of warning signs that may indicate it's time for you to invest in actual grooming from an experienced professional. If you have noticed any of the following common problems, we suggest that you consult our team and set up an appointment for dog grooming as soon as possible:

 Unpleasant Smell or Odor
 Unmanageable Matted Fur 
 Excessively Long or Thick Fur
 Long and Uncomfortable Nails
 Reoccurring Flea Problems
 Unclean and Dirty Ears

Dog Getting Groomed -  Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Service that Caters to Your Needs

Our groomers are trained to spot signs of distress during the grooming process, allowing them to immediately implement techniques designed to ease the nerves of dogs. All pets in our care are kept calm, meaning they can even enjoy the experience of being pampered.

As a dog grooming service, we always strive to meet the needs of individual pets and their owners. No matter what kind of expectations you have, you can feel confident that your dog will look, feel, and smell great. The following are just some of the grooming services available from our local business:

 Hair Brushing
 Routine Bathing
 Flea Bathing
 Medicinal Bathing
 Blow Drying
 Nail Trimming
 Ear Cleaning

If you are interested in our professional dog grooming, contact us at your earliest convenience!
The experienced groomers from Hunt Club Boarding Kennel & Cattery would be more than happy to address your questions
and concerns. We are committed to serving the needs of pet owners from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, Virginia.