Pet Boarding

Cat Boarding in Virginia Beach, VA

While cats are often viewed as incredibly independent creatures, they too require personal attention and devotion. This is why leaving your cat to fend for itself at home while you are away on a trip isn't always the best solution. If you simply aren't satisfied with the thought of leaving your cat or cats home alone with only the occasional visit by someone to top off their food and water supply, then you should seriously consider cat boarding.

In Virginia Beach, VA, Hunt Club Boarding Kennel & Cattery specializes in providing boarding services perfectly suited to the needs and temperaments of cats. We consider the attitude and habits of your cat in order to provide them with the best care possible while you are away.

Specialized Cat Boarding Company

As opposed to dogs, many cats enjoy a quieter and calmer environment. This is why all cat boarders stay in individual suites with windows. If you have more than one cat, the entire family can stay together in the same space upon request.

While we allow our feline visitors to relish the downtime they love, we also ensure they take part in exercise and activity. Appropriate nutrition is offered, though of course you can also provide their preferred brand of food if desired. Cats also have constant access to water sources and litter boxes.

Cat - Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding Service that Is a Home Away from Home

If you are worried about the way your feline family member will react to even a short trip, you can rest easing knowing they are in good hands. We treat every pet in our care as if they were our own.

With 24/7 supervision for both dog and cat boarders, you can feel confident that your pet's wellness is always our number one priority. As a cat boarding service, we have specialized experience in easing the nerves of even the most anxious cats. It is this continual commitment to excellent service that has made us a home away from home for countless cats and dogs.

Don't hesitate to contact Hunt Club Boarding Kennel & Cattery if you are interested in our cat boarding. We would be more than happy to educate you about available cat suites, as well as our other cat services. Our company serves clients from the areas of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, Virginia.